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Deviant Heart

Have you ever felt restricted by the role society has told you to play? Evonna Sendler has. Growing up in a dystopian world where her importance was determined the minute she was born; she has always looked for a chance to prove herself.Under a regime divided into Sectors, the King and his Guard aren’t afraid to inflict punishment on anyone. Evonna soon learns that people from the prestigious Sector 1 are no exception. Evonna’s world has been shaken up by an unforeseen friendship and daring decisions. Struggling to choose between her heart and doing what society dictates, Evonna faces choices she never imagined.

Twisted Storm

Hope is fleetingly scarce throughout the Sectors during King Schulze’s reign. Evonna Sendler has experienced the brutality of the crown firsthand. After finding refuge in the Globe with her fellow escapee Kolt Zilch, Evonna isn’t about to stay comfortably hidden.
Encouraged to spread hope and rescue people from the horrific rule of the regime, she leaves the Globe sooner than expected. Strange and mysterious occurrences come to light on her journey to other Sectors; unexpected reunions and life-altering challenges make for a foggy future. When the moment comes, will they rise to the occasion or will the King’s brutality persevere?

Writing by the Water

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for news about book #3. The final installment of the Sector Series.

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